• ILUUM was founded based on the vision of Terje Muuli (founder & CEO), who believes that the humankind needs a sustainable method of physical activity for caressing their physical health throughout life - and walking covers most of our body’s basic needs.

  • Terje got acquainted with nordic walking in its earlier stages at school, where she achieved remarkable results in cross country running, which was performed with ski poles. This spark was reignited when she got reacquainted with nordic walking in her later life, as a tailor - in 1998 she made the world’s first nordic walking straps and started to manufacture them.

  • Terje was a huge part of the initial global spread of nordic walking in the early 2000’s, funding and working with some of the biggest brands promoting the activity.

  • With over a decade of practice and experience in the ski- and nordic walking equipment manufacturing, Terje realized how much more there was to walking with poles and it was about time she took it upon herself to start bringing that message to the world.

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  • Design

    The key focus in ILUUM’s designs is equality and accessibility: our products adjust to your unique body type, height and length of your limbs, no matter the age, sex or previous exercise level.

  • Education

    We’ve traveled the world, seen and heard the feedback from the ever growing number of nordic walkers worldwide. We can say with confidence that the unity that is created from the use of ILUUM poles during walking leads to a great source of clinically proven health benefits, and we are here to share it with you.

  • Innovation


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