How does exercise help you stay fresh?

How does exercise help you stay fresh?

ILUUM recommends: Tervisekassa podcast. 

A friendly and passionate conversation about health: "How does exercise help you stay fresh?" — Evelin Trink, head of public relations, Mart Min, professor of medical electronics at Tallinn University of Technology, and Doris Vahtrik, lecturer of skeletal muscle system physiotherapy at the University of Tartu, talk about the topic at hand in the Tervisekassa podcast.

The discussion around Nordic walking is also at hand in regards to what new and exciting can be expected from merging Nordic walking and technology.

Some of the reference points for the Tervisekassa episode:

— What should our attitude be towards electronics inside and on us?
— Our mental attitude when choosing a sport
— How to visualize the health benefit for yourself?
— Feeling addicted to exercise
— How important is it to look good and why?
— About the happiness hormone
— The exciting future of Nordic walking poles as devices
— On the value of Nordic walking as an activity
— Changes in practicing sports over time

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