What does ILUUM brand offer?
ILUUM offers outdoor sport products (specially designed poles for enhanced walking) which give you a full body workout, minus the pain and panting.

About ILUUM:

ILUUM is an international trademark (owned by ME Sisustus OÜ, established 2000) and the innovative force behind nordic walking. ILUUM is concentrated on developing nordic walking and everything concerning it and is the first enterprise in the world focused solely on nordic walking. We are defined by the mentality that every new project must include something innovative and revolutionary, which develops nordic walking and gives the client fresh motivation to deal with their health.Behind ILUUM is Terje Muuli, who in 1998 made the world's first nordic walking straps. Terje got acquainted with nordic walking in it's earlier stages at school, where she achieved remarkable results in cross country running, which was performed with ski poles. This spark was reignited when she got reacquainted with nordic walking in her later life, as a tailor and the same passion still drives her. From Terje's and the internationally known sporting goods supplier EXEL's 8-year cooperation, the European wide spread of nordic walking became possible. Several world known sports brands received nordic walking equipment from the product development and manufacturing that Terje managed:1998-2006 EXEL OY
2006-2012 (Leki, Komperdell, Erbö, Boehm, Gipron, Italbastoni, JL-Sport, Rex, Poleabout)

ILUUM symbol:
The U-shaped mark is derived from mathematics and symbolizes a set, meaning communion and union. The nordic walker represents the individual (YOU) and his engagement with nordic walking.

ILUUM innovation:
In 2013 ILUUM released the world's first adjustable (HECT system) poles, corresponding to the height and physical condition of a human (all training levels HEALTH, FITNESS, SPORT and prevention and rehabilitation).

ILUUM MISSION: Our mission declares our purpose as a company.
The goal of ILUUM is to bring people closer to their health through an innovative element, we provide an opportunity for that with nordic walking. We wish to unite a sport with great benefits and people who need constant motivation to be active and through that grow harmony between body and soul.

ILUUM VISION: Our vision serves as the framework for achieving our goal and continuing as a sustainable, effective and fast-growing company.
We have a responsibility to ensure our clients the world's best nordic walking experience. To achieve our goal we approach product design, technology and education development with utmost discipline and a keen eye for detail, while always trying to remain open for new ideas and innovation. Furthermore, we involve the public figures, host various events and share specialists info to everyone, on both nordic walking and general health.

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